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Not sure what's going on here.(uTorrent and tracker not corresponding)


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Ok, so, to make this quick.

1) I leave on Friday with no downloads running. But 3 torrents seeding for a private tracker. My ratio when I leave is around .700. I plan on leaving uTorrent open all weekend to seed some torrents and get my ratio back up.

2) I come back Sunday morning, login to private tracker to check ratio, and account has been disabled. I go to their IRC, talk to an admin asking what happened. I give him my name, he looks at my account, and says "Your ratio was at .370." He reopened the account, and somehow, my amount downloaded on the private tracker had increased by about 4+gb, which made my ratio plummet, and then got my account disabled. But I never downloaded anything, and, I can guarantee nobody acquired my password. So, for the sake of this post, let's not offer that as a resolution.

3) I've had uTorrent open since Wednesday or Thursday, and the total download amount for the current session is like, 119mb. No where near 4 or 5gb, which it would have had to be at.

4) While I was logged back into the tracker before their tracker automatically disabled my account again, I noticed that in my "Seeding/Leeching" page, it did NOT reflect the amount of upload shown in uTorrent, shown below.

Comparison screens here:


(the image was scaled down by the forum, and was unreadable, so, there's a direct link)

I'm not too sure what's going on here. This is the first time anything like this has happened. Can anybody offer any insight? Is anybody else having this issue with uTorrent? Or should I be taking this up with the tracker's admins? It's a rather large private tracker, so if they noticed a wide spread problem like this, they'd probably notice and issue a statement.

Anywho, many thanks in advance.

Edit: uTorrent 1.8 build 11813.

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uTorrent may have failed to successfully updated the tracker/s with your upload/download stats too...so your upload increase isn't reflected in their stats. This may be due to tracker down errors, or you've got half open set too high, or a bug in uTorrent v1.8 + windows handling of half open connections. :(

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So, let's say someone did manage to login to my account, which, I know is very unlikely, and can almost guarantee didn't happen. Should I contact the admins of the tracker and see if they can verify that by comparing IPs, to see if that's actually what happened.

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