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uTorrent WebUI v0.310


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Hi there,

I've recently upgraded uTorrent to 1.8 and am using the web scheduler v0.310

Unfortunately when I type in domain/gui, it asks me for the username and password and then hangs on the 'loading' page.

I'm hosting my own website and in Apache have used the following:

ProxyRequests off

ProxyPass /gui http://www.mydomain.com:32459/gui

ProxyPassReverse /gui http://www.mydomain.com:32459/gui

I'm using the latest (v3.01) version of Firefox but have the same issue with IE.

The port I'm using is 32459. I've made sure that ports 32459 (TCP/UDP) is open to both inbound and outbound services on my router.

Any ideas as I'm now confused?

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