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Weird thing?


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Hi! New over here.

After reading a lot....

Got utorrent perfectly configured for my 10mb/320kb net wich after passing a test turns in 256 kbps upload speed.

It means 1 torrent at a time.

If I download just ubuntu, download speed reaches 800-900 KB/s.

If I download ubuntu + other torrent, TOTAL download speed reaches 200-300KB/s.

If I download ubuntu + 2 other torrents, TOTAL download speed reaches 100-150KB/s.

Is it normal?. Anyway to change it?

Thank u very much!

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My provider is not in the list of the ones who makes restrictions.

With just ubuntu, total speed is 700-800. The problem is that with just one common torrent (different from ubuntu, open office..) with less seeds, speed is 50, 60..

If my connection is able to support 800-900 download speed. I would like to know what can I do to have 6 torrents at 50 each (for example).

Switeck, I tryed to alternate settings from your table, tried the 256 and the 384 upload speeds and settings in between.

I read and did everything about ports, firewalls, Nat, Dhcp..

Nothing has changed.

ANY help please??


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