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utorrent wont connect to peers from bitsoup

random phoenix

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Hi guys,

I dont know what to do, for ages I have been wanting to swap from using azureus to uTorrent, but I cant seem to get it to upload or download anything from bitsoup, but it wikk connect fine to other sites. all torrents DO have plent of peers and seeders, I even tried DLing one torrnet with 200+ seeders, but still, nothing.

this all worked fine with azureus, I dont know what to do!!

all bitsoup torrents have red icons saying no peers connected, others fine. I the little green tick at the bottom, and it says the port is forwarded fine. Ive tried re-forwarding / different ports ect ect.

I only use win firewall and NOD32 utorrent is added as an exeption in winFW.

Im using the crappy netgear router, but I dont think it would only effect 1 site??

any sugestions??

ive been at this for hours now.... PLEASE HELP!!!


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I tried moving to utorrent a few months ago - but had the sameprob so went straight back to azureus.

but I really want to use uTorrent. azureus is far too taxing on the resorces, especially with vista!

ok, its 04:30 - im giving up for tonight, gonna check back tomorrow. BTW - what site are you having problems with? have you tried changing your ports + re-forwarding them?

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if this works - your a star! :) trying now - ill give it some time before I report back (plus now I really am going to bed!!)

thanks so much - all working fine now it seems!!

i can finally go to bed happy!

or at least half happy - it seems I still have a problem with the few torrents I had the offline error. I'll leave it till morning and see if its changed.

thanks again

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