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I searched and didn't find any topic that matched the thing I am going to ask, but if someone is a better searcher than me, please tell. :-)

Question: Is there some way to choose path like in Mozilla Firefox or any other program when saving. Because like the situation is right now I want to download a torrent and then I want to put it on a computer in the network. This by actually writing the path to the computer "\\computer\folder" if someone know what I mean. The problem with the dialog right now is that it does not support me writing my own values.

I'm tired so if you don't get what I mean, just reply and say that and I will try to explain. :)

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In the current Browse window you can already supply a custom path; you can just type it in, like this:


I'm using the latest beta though, I'm not sure if it was the same in earlier versions.

EDIT: The torrent I experienced the following with miraculously had 2 subfolders of the same name, so that caused the 'problem'. It still remains something that could be implemented though; customize sub-subfolders :P

I've got a similar request though. In the latest beta builds you can 'overrule' the download subfolder of torrents, BitComet style. like this:


So if a torrent contains some .mp3's in a subfolder called \Artist - Album\, you can get rid of that subfolder by adjusting it's path in this window.

However, if you have downloaded something like that, you can't change the path in that way anymore. The 'Set download location folder...' will still add the subfolder from the torrent. At least, it was like this in my case using a beta. Maybe it'd be an option to re-use the 'Add new torrent' dialog?

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