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"Invalid download state" and "Access is denied".


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My boyfriend installad Vista on my computer and now everyting is... so strange. Maybe good? I dont really know.

But what I do know is that my torrents doesnt work anymore! Ive always used uTorrent but since he installed Vista is says "Invalid download state" and "Access is denied" when I try to download something and he cant fix it.

Please help?

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Had the same exact problem, moving from winxp to vista. Everything is sorta strange, lots of features seem somewhat hidden or just plain missing. But as far as the torrents "access is denied" my problem was 100% the permissions in vista, as thelittlefire said. My problem had nothing to do with indexing, as all the other threads were suspecting.

Here's what I did. I right clicked my "new downloads" folder (specified in utorrent's preferences under directories, on my setup I use 'I:/Bittorrent'), chose properties, then on the security tab I edited both profiles that showed my name (administrators and users) and gave them full control. I restarted vista and utorrent, and now it works perfectly. Although I suspect only the 'users' profile needed the permissions, since when I run utorrent as an administrator I cannot add new torrents or I get the "utorrent is running but not responding" error.

Side note: when running utorrent as an administrator I get the above error when adding torrents but I was able to continue downloading previously loaded torrents without the "access is denied" error. I almost thought I could just work around it, but hells no! I want my rig working tip top!

Hope this helps ya

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