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Win95 Users?


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I nearly choked when I saw the download page disclaimer stating you needed the winsock 2 update for uTorrent to work on Win95.

Is it possible to find a percentage of those using uTorrent on Win95, or even get a percentage of ANYONE still using Win95. I knew of someone still using Win95 about 6 months after WinXP was released. I'm fairly sure she has upgraded her computer, and therefore her OS since then.

Does anyone know someone who uses ONLY WIN95 right now?

If you do, please ask them why, and post the results in this thread...

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thelittlefire: I was wondering why myself! Just want to know if they have everything they want, and it performs to their liking. I myself, through nostalgia might install it on an old machine just for that warm feeling - but to use it every day, that must take some willpower!

Believe it or not, I updated Win95 with the original MS files (but not from MS, as it was no longer supported at this point). There were I believe 12 updates, including service packs - and the OS ran as stable (if not more so) than XP does today.

Disclaimer: Win95 was a b*tch, if you did not install ALL 12 updates!!

PS. I haven't checked with this person in 6 years, so she MAY still be using Win95, as all her little small games probably won't run on XP! :-)

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