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What make bittorrent 6.1 much faster than utorrent 1.8.x (my case)


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Hello everything, first thing i want to say hi

I was a fan of utorrent for long time. And one day i tried bittorrent (The one which similar to utorrent) and what i experienced:

1. Bittorrent much faster than utorrent in my computer. I know this must be the different of my configuration so i delete both of them and reinstall. I put some effort for "same" configuration for them and i still get one result, bittorrent download at least 10% faster and can reach my download limit. utorrent get ~220KB/s compare to ~250KB/s.

2. This especially different in upload case. utorrent "see" around 10 peers but i only upload for two of them. For bittorrent, this number goes to 7~10 peers at the same time.

So what was the reason and what can i do to make my utorrent become like bittorrent (of course essentially they are the same). Does anyone have idea can feel free to let me know.

Best regard

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