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Newly created torrent shows as"Inactive" in UTorrent


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I created a Torrent thru UTorrent last night. I selected Pirate Bay as the torrent tracker. Everything seemed to go fine but when I load it into Utorrent it'says inactive. When inactive is checked what exactly does that mean? When I highlighted the torrent there was a red line across the bottom of Utorrent where it says availability. I tried to connect to the torrrent via another machine and it connected but just sat there and did nothing. Am I missing something? What have I done wrong? Shouldn't the color be green when seeding? The torrent just stayed on blue.

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Just one thing to know.

On private trackers, when you have uploaded a new torrent, you need to dwl the .torrent file from the tracker and run it in your bitto client, but NOT the original one you created.

Because private trackers add a pass key in the announce that's specific to your membership.

Anyway for public trackers, you can seed directly the created torrent.

As I use many private trackers, I don't keep checked the box "seeding now" when I create a new torrent. All depends on your use. :)

Of course, public or private trackers imply to UPLOAD in all cases your new torrent onto the tracker!!!

If you don't upload it, uT says "torrent not registered" or stg like that.

And to finish sometimes registering takes few minutes (5 min eg) because it's depends on the refreshing of tracker database and if someone has posted a new torrent after you.

So try a sequence of STOP/START for the torrent.

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