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Access Denied


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First off I would like to say I have heavily searched this topic both on the forums and google. None of the solutions have worked for me.

Now for my setup.

Ubuntu - Hardy Heron

uTorrent - 1.8

Wine - 1.0

Basically what happens is I'll add a torrent (either by RSS or adding it manually) and it will try to download but it almost immediately returns with the access denied error. I am trying to save it to a samba share I have mounted, I have write permissions and pieces of the torrents are eventually being written.

Here's the interesting thing though...if I keep trying to restart the torrent (restart meaning I spam the green Start button) it does eventually work like it should normally. I've also noticed that single file torrents (such as an .avi file with no folder directory, .nfo, etc) do not have this access denied problem.

What it seems like is that every time I try to press start, it allocates a new piece of the torrent file-wise (meaning, the first time it tries to make the .avi, I press play again and then it tries to write the .nfo, the third time I press play it works fine).

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be highly appreciated.


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