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adding torrent bug??


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I don't really know if its a bug. But since I am an idiot I will post anyways. I have the window sorted in the # column. In the window i have a few downloading, a few stopped, and a few Finished. Then I click on a torrent in firefox and tell it to open in utorrent. The utorrent torrent options comes up and i select the folder to save in and also i unchecked start torrent box. In other words i DID NOT wanted the torrent to start. Then...

2 things:

1. The new torrent didn't get a number in the # column.

2. The torrent got a place in the middle of the bunch of Finished torrents. And when I move it up and down with the arrows buttons on top, it jumps to the bottom of the stopped torrents. It is as if the computer "thinks" that the torrent is added after the stopped and before the finished even though it displays otherwise. Also after i press the up/down, the number for the new torrent appears in the # column like normal.

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