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The same source from different torrents


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I was wondering if it is possible (and how?) to either merge these two torrents together, or to download the files that one torrent is linked to from a different source.

For instance I have one torrent that I started downloading and it's at 30% (and rather large, 22 GB of files), and it stopped there with no seeders. On another tracker is a new identical torrent (even says in the nfo it is the same one, but the folder names are different :( ) so I'd like to continue downloading these files from that one.

I'm sorry if this is confusing, I am probably not elaborating my goal very well...

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Maybe try this procedure if data are identical (filename, size, MD5) in the both torrents (even if folder names change). If not, dont try it.


0/ stop the both torrents in uT.

1/ save the uncomplete data (files not folder) from the 1st torrent (stuck at 30%)

2/ go to download folder of the 2nd torrent and delete the current data (only files) if you started to dwl them.

3/ cut/paste (or copy/paste for more safety) uncomplete data (only files) into the folder of the 2nd torrent.

4/ force re-check of the 2nd torrent in uT (uT should say 30%) & restart this one.

5/ uT will dwl the missing 70% with the 2nd tracker & delete the 1st torrent if that works.

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