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Help with search function


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Hello all

I have just installed utorrent and have followed the directions I have relating to the search function which says

"Step #8 - In the upper right hand corner of the µTorrent window, there is a magnifying glass icon, click it. Next, scroll down and click on the torrent site you would like to search with, we suggest "Isohunt". In the search box that says, "search here", write the name of the file that you are searching for (Example: Beethoven in the demo) and then hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The search result will now appear on a new screen."

However nothing happens when I click on the magnifying glass and when I click on the arrow beside it I get 2 options, Google or Bit Torrent.

I have tried Bit Torrent but really dont know what to do.

Can anyone help me through this please and also possibly explain why it doesnt work



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Thanks for your quick reply.I dont understand any of this and am trying to fumble my way through it. Can you help me some more and explain in simple terms what I have to do. I dont know how to download 'Isohunt' and put it where the magnifying glass is.

Thanks again

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