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utorrent suddenly kills my bandwidth


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hi everyone (my 1st post :) )

im using the latest beta version of utorrent (1.8.1 beta build 12495)

until this very day, i used to download and upload without any problems on max speeds. i have a 5mb dl connection and a 256 kb ul connection (plz dont ask why it aint proportional, i know it isn't, but it aint my fault). im behind a router with properly forwarded ports (i checked it, it's ok).

my settings are:

global max connections-400

max number of connections-350

number of slots-50

when im surfing the web, i limit the upload to 15 (out of a max 32 that i have), and as i mentioned, till this very day everything was ok.

today, when i normaly started utorrent and opened my browser, it was horribly slow. even google's homepage took almost a minute to load!!!

i tried limitting the upload to 6 kbps-same thing :(

tried firefox instead of explorer-didn't help :(

tried downgrading to stable 1.8-still the same :)

the moment i shut down utorrent-everything came back to normal

till this very day the same settings under the same conditions worked gr8, and i really love this app and dont want to remove it...

if anyone here can suggest a solution and help me, i will be very grateful to all of you

thx in advance and have nice day all of you here,

assafy :)


problem solved!!!


i had nod32 (way better than kaspersky if ya ask me, and i tried both) and though that maybe that was causing all the problems

after a short search, that's what i found:


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Total upload slots should NEVER be set higher than upload speed.

(Total upload slots = number of torrents active times upload slots used on each.)

That's the number of people you're uploading to at once.

They are far more likely to upload back to you if you're uploading to them at least 1 KB/sec. At 3-5 KB/sec to each upload slots, they may upload more to you than any others...or even all others combined!

Your download speeds will improve as well by reducing upload slots immensely.

...and probably both active and downloading torrents.

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