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Error opening lalala


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I am having an unusual problem, while using utorrent 1.7.7. under windows XP. My torrents are freezing up for no apparent reason. I'll download a torrent until it gets to about 75 or so percent and then it will suddenly stop and go inactive and in the "logger" section, it will say: Error opening "<gives the directory path of where the torrent is being downloaded to>". Though, i can assure you, that the files are all there in the directory, nice and safe.

When i try and restart the torrents they will do fine for 1-3 minutes, you can even see active peers where they're being seeded from, but then suddenly they will stop and the percentage complete that i have gained during the couple of minutes that it was up will be lost and will go back down to where it was at originally. I didn't see this kind of thing referenced in the FAQ, so that is why i am asking here.

If you need other information, i'll be sure and pull it up for you. thanks.

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