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i installed another client and then uninstalled, when i opened utorrent i associated the .torrent files with utorrent, but those files dont have an icon now. i tried to change the icon(through folder properties) and chose the utorrent.exe, but the icon looks like this aaayw6.th.jpgthpix.gif

how can i put the old icon(with the smaller μ on a white page)

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i removed association through registry(deleted .torrent key and maid a new one) but even without associating .torrent files look like in the image above and so they do after the association.

if there is no other way maybe someone can give me the right icon, would this work?

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can you tell me how?i have windows xp prof sp2.

so first remove association then rebuid cache and then re-association?

edit:i deleted the iconcache.db unassociate the .torrent, restarted the pc (a new iconcache was created) re-associate utorrent and it didnt work, i did it again but the second time iconcache.db wasnt rebuilded, so there is no iconcache.db now.the .torrents are like this (both times)


any ideas?

if i take the iconcache.db form someone else and paste it there will it work?

can someone send me his one?

edit 2: i just found that here there are many different icons!! i couldnt roll back to the original icon but these ones are great so i guess problem solved.

if anybody though knows why this happened, please let me know.

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