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Mouse responding slowly.


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Ok general system specs.

Q6600 @ 3.2ghz

4gb ram


680SLI mobo

Mouse is a Logitech MX Revolution running the logitech setpoint software.

So not ultra high end but more than capable enough.

My problem is as soon as utorrent is running my computer stays at virtually zero CPU usage or ram usage as I would expect however my mouse slows down big time. Instead of taking a split second to get from 1 side to the other we are taking minutes and I mean that literally. It can take 5 minutes to move my mouse a couple of mm.

Yet oddly the rest of the system stays very responsive which results in me having to use the keyboard + function keys to do anything. As soon as Utorrent is shut down back to instantaneous again in response.

Don't want to go back to using Azureus but it is looking like it may be the only option right now tried uninstalling and reinstaling Utorrent but that didn't help. Wondering if anyone else knows what may be causing the problem?

This is downloading anything by the way weather it be 2mb or 30GB worth of data. Not my internet connection either as it barely gets the chance to be maxed using torrents when it is 24mbit/2.4mbit. Occuring right now while downloading a 350mb file while it is downloading at 120kbps and uploading at 90kbps. So no where near to maxing out the line. Just have no idea what can be causing it normally good at diagnosing these kind of problems but the only solution I have found is to shut down utorrent completely.

Anyone able to help....please?

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