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uTorrent keeps freezing/won't open...


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After I have launched the program and it's running...later on if I go to open it up to view how my torrents are doing the program won't open! I double click it, nothing, I right click it, nothing, I basicallly have to shut down my pc and reboot (it's starting to become quite an annoyance). I have heard that ZoneAlarm is causing major issues with uTorrent lately (I've used ZoneAlarm for years) and have used uTorrent since it came out and never had a problem until earlier this year.

My previous problem that I had was when I would attempt to close uTorrent (not minimize but close it out) it wouldn't close. The admin of this site (I believe it was him) contacted me and told me it was a ZoneAlarm issue where ZoneAlarm wouldn't release 'something' to let the program close and that ZoneAlarm was aware of the problem and was trying to work on a fix. But now I'm having the problem above now...

Is there any fix for this?

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