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Force Re-check Bug 1.8.1 build 12639


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Recheck only accepts complete pieces and ignores (treats as not downloaded) any piece with missing block(s).

This could be new to 1.8.1, been like this for several releases, or functioning as designed (me noob)

Here's what I saw:

- I've downloaded 1.4 Gb so far of a 4.8 Gb series (for myself and because I want to build ration on another site)

- In the mean time someone else has filled the request and started uploading the same files.

- I still want to build ratio, so I jump on as a "partial seeder".

- I dl the torrent

- Mark all the files as skip

- Point it to the same directory as the other dl.

- Finding matching files, uTorrent automatically does a recheck

- Recheck only finds 400Mb of the 1.4Gb I've already downloaded.

- All the files are "done" in multiples of 4Mb

- The torrent is made up of 4Mb pieces of 256 blocks.

I thought it might be possible the incomplete pieces were somehow locked by the first torrent, I went back stopped the the torrent and reran the recheck on the new torrent. Recheck ran faster this time, but with the same results.

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There doesn't appear to be any overlap problem. If you look at the files bar graph you get mostly red where there are no blocks, blue lines for completed pieces and white lines for incomplete pieces. The "Done" column is the total of complete pieces, and the "%" column is just "Size" / "Done".

Now this may just be a reporting problem. The white lines shows it knows about all the blocks. Whether it's uploading all the blocks or not I couldn't say. The other question would be; if my first tracker & torrent was gone for whatever reason, and I wanted to finish the DL from the second, would it just download the missing blocks and count the piece when it was complete, or would it download all 256 blocks for each piece regardless how many blocks were already downloaded?

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