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Adding peers to a file inside a bigger torrent (or so)


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I've been searching the forum for this but didn't find anything, though it may be because I actually can't explain myself in just a few words so the search engine doesn't become crazy, however the idea is quite simply.

I think many of us download tv series, in which my idea becomes useful at its most (in case any), but it would work for any kind of multiple-file torrent.

That is, you are downloading season 3 of YFS (which stand for "your favorite series"...), the whole bunch. Then you see the episodes on their own to download. If add that torrent, it will be a new download itself... and I guess you know where I'm heading.

Could it be that new torrent to be checked if any current torrent in the list contains the files it has? I know it's probably a bit hard to program, and it may even break the torrent protocol at some point, but if done, it would be kind of helpful, both for the new downloader as for the other peers, wouldn't it?

Thank you for your time.

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