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Local RSS File Problem


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are your torrent links in the following tags



<enclosure url>*.torrent</enclosure url>

becasue otherwise the rss wont be able to get the torrents

No, they are links to mininova with /get/ and then a number. If I paste the link into firefox it starts downloading right away. I dont have to click anything else. Plus, I made sure that the local file is the exact same format as the online one that DOES work with utorrent. Even the order of the tags and the spacing is exactly the same. Also, it DOES work with TVTAD the way it is. I was pretty sure the problem was the way the url is formated. Maybe spaces could be causing problems or the localhost:// thing needs to be added, etc. But I've tried all of that. It doesnt seem to work. I dont think that their code simply supports local files. Or something :\

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Ok cool thanks.

While were on the topic of the RSS thing. I cant get the Episode Number feature to work. It seems that if in the releases I see the show having 5x3 and 5x4. If I check Episode Number and make it 5x3 and go refresh it doesnt do anything. If I make it 5x4, nothing. If I make it 5x3-4, nothing. If I uncheck it, it works. Am I doing something wrong?

And I dont know if this was implemented because I cant get the episode thing to work, but will the torrents that have multiple episodes of a show work? Like BlahBlah s5e2-3? And will the program keep a track of the lastly downloaded episode so that it doesnt get a repeate if it's featured on another feed?

Also, another sidebar, sometimes a show gets re-released with the tag PROPER, meaning the first one is broken. Is there any way to make utorrent stop downloading the first one and start downloading the proper one?

Also, can you add a feature whereby the rss torrents could be started in forced mode, or moved to the top of the list? I have a bunch of torrents but latest tv shows have more priority.

Also, support for tv shows that are not in the format of seasonXepisode, but with dates.

And when you add a show from releases it should automaticaly add the current episode into that "Episode Number" box. Most of the time its tv shows that get downloaded from feeds, and nobody likes doubles.

Another, less important, feature would be to export your favorite list so that you can share it with friends or w/e. It's a pain to enter like 20+ shows into that thing.

And the last thing, if a torrent is set to autodownload from multiple feeds make it so that it cancels the other ones once the first one is got. Meaning that it doesnt downlad multiple files, but just gets the fastest release from either feed. If this is implemented I dont even think checking from which feeds to get files would be absolete, just make it search all and get the fastest release.

Anyway, sorry for all of that, but these are mixed feature requests, bugs, and just suggestions. Would take too long to make sure they all go into their right sections, I think it would be easier to make just the rss topic.

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