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Cannot download torrent


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So, out of no where, i tired to download a torrent, and it had about, 300 something seeds, and NONE of them would connect, searching the net i could not find a fix, so i tried a slackware, fedora, and a few other well-seeded torrents, and couldnt connect to a single one, eventually the original torrent i was trying to download, connected to 7 seeds, but was downloading at 0.8KB/s. So i made sure it was aloud in the onecare firewall, finding that it was, i turned off the firewall, restarted uTorrent, and still same thing, i went into my modem (not connected to a router, it fried) and found out i had a firewall in the modem, i shut that off, did port forwarding, and still... nothing, i do have TCPIP.SYS cracked, im Running Windows Vista 32x.. once in a while it will come up and will download at about 16KB/s, but then quickly dies down.. everyone is commenting the torrent as running really good and well seeded..

Can anyone please help me with my problem?

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