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All trackers offline


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Hi there,

Ive been having this problem for the past week or so, and since it started happening, ive tried EVERYTHING in my power to try and fix the problem.

To begin with, DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange are working, however I get incredibly slow speeds. (Im talking 1-2kB/s here)

Im using the latest up to date version of uTorrent, 1.8.1 Build 12639.

The ports on my router are forwarded, I have no firewall blocking uTorrent, and ive followed all possible guides on fixing the problem (yes, I have changed the setting on net.max_halfopen to less than 8, with no joy).

Ive got the recommended settings for my 2mbit connection, where I have previously be getting speeds of 200kB/s and up using uTorrent.

Ive also checked with my ISP that they are not throttling or blocking uTorrent in any way.

ANY Advice would be much appreciated, and this is starting to frustrate me!



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Actually I did, I just didn't read far enough down to see what was required.

And yes, I did try disablind DHT, but it had no effect at all so I re-enabled it.

Some more info;

Im running on XP with SP2, I'm also using avast! AV and nothing else, My ISP is Nildram, Safecom GWAMRU-54108G is the exact model of my router, The port im using is 33943,

My speed guide settings are:

Max UL speed: 186 kB/s

Conn per torrent: 100

Max active torrents: 9

Upload slots: 8

Connections (Global): 750 (Before you say it yes, I have tried lowering this)

Max active downloads: 8

Any help much appreciated


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Thanks for the fast replies Firon.

Ive just done what you've suggested, and it seems that a fair few of the trackers are now saying they are working, however my download speed is still very slow.

The speed tester said that my DL speed is 757kB/s and my UL speed is 357kB/s. Bear in mind that im in the UK and these servers are in the US

Edit: My download speeds are now speeding up considerably, would you suggest me change any more settings to try and get the most out of my connection without messing up the trackers again?

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Grr, after getting my trackers to finally start working, they have now stopped working again. Settings are exactally the same as those I was told to change to.

Any other suggestions? :(

Ive even tried other torrent clients, and all of those fail to find the trackers too.

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Nildram is Tiscali (or at the least, resells their bandwidth). As such, they do throttle. It may also be that they're having network routing troubles at the moment -- who knows. ISPs rarely admit that they throttle/block BitTorrent. Even Comcast denied it for months even though there was solid evidence all over the Internet that they were.

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Ah I didn't realise that, thanks for the info Ultima.

And I am having internet problems at the moment, for example my net cutting out every time someone calls our house, or if we make a call from our land line to anywhere. Maybe this is part of the problem

Maybe in the next build of uTorrent it may be magically fixed or maybe it will iron itself out over time, who knows.

Thanks for all of the assistance both you and Firon have given me :)

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