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Trouble port forwarding with linksys WRT54G V8!


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I've been trying all day to forward the ports on my router (LINKSYS WRT54G V8). My uTorrent and Azureus speeds are too slow!!!

Download health always in the yellow, never green.

I have read all the faqs and even tried downloading PFconfig off torrents.

I have heard that this could be do to the firmware, ANY THOUGHTS???

If I flash with the DD-WRT firmware will that make me able to port forward possible and increase the download/upload speeds in torrent???

Also, what about patched tcpip.sys for vista? Is this safe/effective for 32 bit vista?

-Thanks in advance!!!

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I'm not sure as to where I can direct you, but you can look at my posts for further advice. I use a v5 WRT54g router as well as a Sprint 660 Series Modem. Here is the link to my post. GTHK is helping me everytime we happen to be online at the same time to respond to each other but I'm at a standstill for a moment :P


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You need to setup a static IP on those routers, and the static IP must be outside of the DHCP range.

But uh, turn on UPnP in the router and in µTorrent. It should handle the forwarding for you. WRTs are one of the few routers with properly working UPnP.

Why are you using two different torrent clients?

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Ok, so I know how to set up the static IP but what do you mean it has to be outside the DHCP range?


subnet: 255 255 255 0

DHCP and DNS servers

should I change these??

I already enabled the UPnP in the router and uTorrent and speeds did not increase

The reason Im running two bittorrent clients is because my Azureus was running slow so I figured I'd give uTorrent a try

Does it hurt the speeds when running both? I assume it probly does...


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