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im a long time utorrent user.

after a virus i reinstalled windows and utorrent.

i forwarded the ports of my netgear wireless router and added to windows firewall exceptions, created static ip etc....

Mynetwork is a green tick.



i used to be getting around 300kb/s and now im getting almost nothing......and yes i have tried other torrents.

any ideas??

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andy1992 probably knew it was a virus BECAUSE he had antivirus software.

...Now it may not have helped him enough, but that's not the same thing!

A router plus Windows firewall protects reasonably well against incoming stuff.

Even antivirus software may not protect against 0-day stuff if it loads via an exploit in Internet Explorer.

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when i signed up for aol (through carphone) i was execting to be with aol, not some shitty carphone thingy.

Why are they blocking uorrent traffic, it used to be fine before?

and yess i did have an anitivirus (kaspersky) wich did actually find the virus but momments after it caused IE to open

popups and those popups were downloading virusses, kaspesky coudlnt keep up.

So is there anything i can do, to torrent again?

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Maybe you can go in torrent properties and decrease the max upload speed for your 1st torrent. I dunno your max upload speed for your connection, but if you upload at the max for one torrent, your dwl speed will not be optimal. Just find the fair middle.

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It's hit-or-miss as to whether connections or even a single connection can get by your ISP's hostile traffic crippling management.

Sometimes you may still get decent speeds...other times, no.

Stick with the 320 kilobits/second settings then...and allow 2 or 3 downloading torrents at once in queueing.

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