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Freeware Message popup


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Hi there!

I know that this was discussed a lot in previous posts.

I still think there is a bug with it.

Here is my problem...

I have a dell 1501 laptop(Vista Home premium 32 bit) with wireless and wired connection. I switch between them from time to time.

I am using uTorrent 1.81 12636.

I usually hibernate my laptop at nite and it wakes up automatically a few hrs later during off peak times to download and update my system.

Now my problem is when it wakes and start uTorrent automatically.. i get the popup message. Sometimes i dont. I cant seem to replicate this issue manually... except when it wakes without an internet connection(bug?).

I usually download using wired connection and wireless turn off.

I tried graceful shutdown, check the settings.dat files...etc. Looks ok to me.

Any ideas? i dont really want to switch to another bt client, uTorrent is still the best i know.


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You didn't read enough if you think there's a problem. Download http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306 open your settings.dat and look for CID and CIDS... that is the mechanism added for cases such as yours. If your settings.dat is not updating, you should figure out why the new changes aren't being written. Perhaps it is a permissions issue.

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Nah its not the balloon... Its the freeware popup at program start.

I looked for the CID and CIDS keys in settings.dat. They exists....but not readable to me... is it supposed to be readable? Looks like binary...

Maybe the program should continue loading after the popup... do u guyz know any startup parameters for that?

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