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D/L speed OK, but not connecting to ANY seeds.


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Sorry about this, but I already combed through this forum and it helped a bit, just one more issue left.

I have the latest uTorrent and Vista. Download speeds used to suck, but since I updated they've been decent at 50-100 kB/s depending on the file. I set my upload speed to a low number, limited the incoming connections etc as was suggested in this forum.

Now, my only problem is that when I want to download a file, it shows the number of peers and seeds in brackets as really large, but the actual number of seeds connected is 0. Peers usually 4-5. The little icon at the bottom is a red exclamation mark saying I'm not connectable? Why is that? I've always had it yellow until I updated.

uTorrent is a Windows Firewall exception and so is the port I'm using. I thought it might be Avast screwing with my connection, so I switched it off. No change.

So, basically, with my previous uTorrent I got speeds of under 5kB/s, but connected to a bunch of peers and seeds. This one is good speeds, but no seeds whatsoever. (How can I even get these speeds if I'm not conncetable??)

And how do I get rid of the red exclamation mark and start connecting to seeds? I don't want to do port forwarding.


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Connecting to seeds is neither necessary for the completion of downloads nor is it a factor directly influenced by being connectable. (You connect out instead of them connect in).

If you don't want to do port forwarding, you don't want to be connectable and you don't want to improve your speeds.

Post the information requested from the troubleshooting thread.

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