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Port use TRIPLICATION with Avast AV / Running out of system ports!


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If you are using uTorrent (or any highly intensive port using program) and Avast and weird things happens, maybe this can help you:

I noticed that Avast does packet analisys by "sandwitching" ports. I'll explain:

Aparently Avast hooks any program conections to itself (using 2 ports: for connect and listen) and a third one "pops from a system process 0" to the real destination.

When this happens to uTorrent (which has a lot of connections) it hogs the system and USES UP ALL AVAILABLE PORTS!

Almost none of the programs are verbose enough to tell you this. I ran into this answer by mere luck, as the aMSN (3rd party MSN client) wasn't able to login to my account because there were no ports left, getting the error message directly from the WinSock API.

Something I noticed (using "cport" tool) was that a lot of connections were in the FIN_WAIT_2 state. That mean's they are waiting for the "other side" approval to finally kill it, or for timeout.

I have "P2P Shield" off, but I think this comes from the "Web Shield" module.



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