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cache troubles, can multiply auto amount??


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First off does anyone know a guide somewhere where they explain what all the advanced options do so i can further tweak the settings

And in linux should the disable windows cache's be on or off??? It uses wine not sure if wine makes it use the disc as a cache or not? or does it even make a difference??

Okay sometimes I have a torrent going 16MB/s up and 16MB/s down... it can go 60MB/s down alone or 23MB/s up

When I have 2 torrents going really fast often the upload speed drops to nothing until the download completes it's very annoying... not sure how to combat this because iT CAN go faster so a limit isn't nessicarily going to help

Is there a way to make utorrent use like 2x or even 5x the cache it would normally decide on itself?

Reason I ask is if you set 1.5gb cache and turn off use less if not needed it will fill said cache, then when a new download comes it need to write the cache to the drive to make room all of a sudden causing a disk overload (on linux)

When it picks and choses how much to use it will just make a larger cache when you start a new download

but yeah I"m running over 100mbit speeds and have hundreds of torrents open so the 100mb disk cache it chooses to use probably doesn't cut it (can fill it in 8 secconds)

And on another note I used to be using rtorrent and it didn't seem to have these problems but overall wasn't as fast when it was working right


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well it fills up with read and has no room for the data to be written

what I"m saying is if you turn off reduce if not needed it will fill 100% to the set amount (say 1.5gis)

but if you reduced it will jump around from 50-150MB of disk cache as needed... I'd prefer it use like 1gb of cache but it's like it to have room for new data

I don't think rtorrent even uses a disk cache which is a bit odd that it would do better

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