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I cannot SEED/UPLOAD faster than 3kB I dont want to download


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Just want to give back as I downloaded really fast. So left the torrent up to seed and it only uploads at 5KB max and usually nothing or .5 When I downloaded I was doing 100 to 200KBs. Played with so many settings don't even ask what it is set at now lol.....

Status says seeding [F]

Seeds says 0 (261)

Peers 10 (45)

HELP WANT TO SHARE!!! What am I missing?


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No the number in the brackets is the number of people in the swarm. So the 261 seeds have what you have. But the remaining 45 don't. Of which your only connected to 10.

Go to preferences -> torrent options -> use additional upload slots if upload speed is <90%

Is that option ticked? What is your global upload cap set to? Have you accidently set a torrent specific upload cap? How many torrents do you have running? What are the other torrents doing speed wise?

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if you used speed wizard,check your max upload limit at network options make it '0'

if you want to just seed and dont want to download for unfinished torrents

click your torrent

choose files tab

click one of files

use keybord ctrl+A

right click choose dont download

got to advanced option

double click discio.use_partfile and make it false

now you can just seed your unfinished torrents

good luck

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