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Request: Skype Toolbar Them


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I'm not a graphic artist, but if there's some willing and talented party interested in giving it a whirl, I think it would be great to see a Skype style toolbar. These are essentially Windows XP Style assets with two diagnoal 'ears' on some icons.

I've seen people do work with PhotoShop and I'd bet it would be very easy for someone skilled with this application to do a direct port and that the Skype people would even allow it if asked, but that an original XP/Skype/Vista style could be easily achieved that merges the best of each into a theme that looks like part of every Windows OS out there. You can't reinvent the wheel... :D

You can see some screenshots ofS Skype in action here; just rifle/click through the feature numbers and the different versions of the client to see the many different toolbar icons...

I won't hold my breath, as I wouldn't be the one doing the work, but I think it could look really snazzy! I also think it would look really nice if the forums adopted the cool green color in the main website....


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