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full system hang vista x64 (scheduler?)


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I've read a few of the threads and have not really been able to relate to any of the other problems.

I have been using UT with Vista for a very long time and it's only the last (maybe) 3 releases that have caused a problem.

I'll leave the system doing little with UT up and come back to find the system seemingly, running but with zero activity, monitor in power-save and cannot get out without a hard reset.

No dumps, application errors, events nothing.

I dont have wireless. I have Symantec Client Security fot x64 Vista. The Windows firewall. Mostly new intel hardware, NVidia graphics.

I'd not been able to find anything until just now... I use the scheduler and the system event log is telling me that the system shutdown (usually at 23:59ish but that last was at 15:59) was unexpected. My downloads kick-in at 00:00 and cease at 16:00.

Could this be it?

It's a real pain becuase the hard reset throws my array into verify which takes about 8 hours.

Any chance i can also roll-back to an earlier release?

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thelittlefire. I've been using the most recently available 'stable' build recently. the pc doesnt reset. i have to do that. it just stops.

Firon, I'm using bios defaults. not overclocking. everything is at 'recommeded'. I'm not going to ditch symantec. from what ive read on the other threads it's been recommended to ditch norton, symantec, mcafee, zone labs... and probably many more. Since these few are market leaders and the common thread seems to be UT shouldnt you recommendation to be to ditch UT? or is the next release of UT going to include a AV/Firewall facility? (sorry for abrasiveness, just being frank)

I've just done a bios, firmware and driver update on everything. and i will re-install UT.and see how it goes.

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It may be the common factor, but it certainly doesn't mean it's the cause of any of these issues.

But in all seriousness, a hard lock can't actually be caused by µTorrent. There's an underlying problem causing it, be it a driver problem or some sort of bug in Vista. Only problem is, we've yet to figure that out...

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