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Net-Lynx WR514R Port Forwarding :(


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http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Net-Lynx/WR514R/WR514Rindex.htm (Forwarding guide via portforward for my router)

Well, I have configured windows firewall aka did nothing but check that utorrent was added, and turned my attention to my router... so I basically set a shitload of forwarding but something tells me they may be messin each other up.

After reading another similar topic, I tried doing something like that but... it phailed again..

Error Message:


CMD Settings for Router:


Router Settings:


Now some may argue that my ISP was messing me up. I accepted that until I met one other guy hosting a server with my same ISP provider that could easily forward ports and have me, as well as others connect to him via WAN (no Hamachi or any LAN on WAN program) so I guess there might be a slim chance I'm doing something wrong right :P

Any help would be appreciated, and if possible, explain it just a little bit in detail. I can follow guides easily, but if they skip a lot of details I get lost x)

Thanks for any help :)

EDIT: Agh, screenies ain't showing

EDIT2: Still not showing lol, I'll keep em as links.

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Ok this time rather than relying too much on the community I went ahead and messed around a little bit, but I got stuck at a couple of issues... Hoping what I did was fine so far, here's where I need help.

First off, this is what I tried setting my DHCP to:


Secondly, this is what I need the exact info (if it's more than one possibility, please just pick one for me and tell me what to fill in, what to tick and which boxes to fill :P)


Also, is there anything, anything at all that I should change in here? =o


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- What modem are you using?

- And can you get TCPView from sysinternals.com, run it, and check to make sure µTorrent is actually listening on 45063?

- Are there any errors in the Logger tab (make sure you have verbose and error logging enabled in the context menu)?

- What does the tooltip say in the status bar's network status light?

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