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Download and Seed at same time?


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Sorry if this is really simple, but uTorrent doesn't let my torrents seed if there are any tasks downloading. I'm not sure if it's something simple in 'Preferences' but i couldn't find anything to make this work.

Help appreciated.

Also, when a torrent is seeding, it only seeds at 3KB/s and goes down to 0KB/s over and over. From 3 to 0 in 2 seconds on an eternal loop...

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No, rather than it going at 0KB/s, it doesn't say a speed because it doesn't connect to any peers until i stop the tasks that are downloading.

I didn't use the speedguide because it doesn't have a choice for my connection. I have a connection of 512/128, which is weird because usually the upload is half of the download speed, not a quarter. Is the problem because i didn't choose a connection type in the speedguide?

These are my Bandwidth and Queuing Settings:



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sorry, i didnt realize you needed to set the speedguide, it just seemed like using it gave u some recommended settings but now i see you actually need to use it.

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well usually for a connection, the upload rate is half of the download rate, but mine is a quarter. not related, i just felt like mentioning it i guess.

anyway, problem solved, thanks guys.

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