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Only works sometimes...


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Okay, I will try to give all the details that could be helpful.

I use the internet that my school provides, we have both a wireless network and a LAN network, I use both depending on where I am at the moment. My computer works on Windows XP and my firewall is the standard XP firewall.

I have enabled UPnP port mapping, NAT-PMP port mapping, added Windows Firewall exception, enabled DHT Network, enabled DHT for New Torrents, Enabled local Peer Discovery, Enabled Peer Exchange, and checked ask tracker for scrape information. I also have Protocol Encryption enabled.

I have SoulSeek and that works, so I don't know what is causing one to not work and allowing the other one to work. I have set my firewall to allow the exception of both Soulseek and Utorrent.

At the bottom of UTorrent, it says "DHT: 0 nodes (Login) (sometimes is says waiting to login instead) D:0.0kB/s T:233.6kB U: [47K] 0.0kB/s T:94.4kB

I can't think of what else needs to be told. If any additional information is needed, I will be happy to give it. Thank you in advance for any help.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have Utorrent Version 1.8.1 and my Antivirus is AVG Free 8.0

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