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3rd Bad Block problem on 3rd newly replaced 500gb HD.


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I have had this problem since early on this year, I have bought a 500gb Seagate HD, apparently the first time I used it as a C drive and also made it my utorrent destination download. I downloaded some large torrent files and got CRC errors from the utorrent message. So I replaced the HD for a new one.

Again, installed and formated the newly changed 500gb Seagate, and again used it for my destination folder for utorrent... and guess what , Bad Block errors from the event viewer. (No crc msg from utorrent though, files managed to finish download). And this happened after 2 weeks of getting the newly replaced HD. So I went again and changed for a new one..

This time, I tried using it again for destination drive and GUESS WHAT, files did managed to download finish.. but BAD BLOCKS


What is happening? I know it's pyshical damage, BUT on all 3 replaced HD?? I'm stumped. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is only happening on my 500gb.. because I have an 80gb and 320gb in the same pc and have not been having any problem. I have even place the 500gb in different slots and even slots at the 320gb which is still healthy..

Am I having bad luck or something?

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I don't think it was just bad luck, because I'm having more-or-less exactly the same problem, again with a 500 GB Seagate drive (SATA). The drive is so screwed up, in fact, that when I use SpinRite or Windows's ScanDisc, the programs hang when they get to the bad sectors. If I try to continue downloading the files in uTorrent that reported CRC errors, the PC shuts itself off, and if I try to force a recheck on those files, the PC shuts itself off. There are a few more things I may try, but in the end, I'm probably going to have to delete the files in uTorrent that reported the errors and try to remove the bad sectors of the disc.

My research is showing that these are not isolated incidents:



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