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uTorrent Not Connecting


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Recently purchased a new laptop. Installed and was running uTorrent with success, as well as Tversity with my Xbox 360, with success. Uninstalled Norton Antivirus that came with the computer because it was annoying me. Also, installed the latest version of Ad-Aware for spyware protection.

Somewhere in between uninstalling Norton and installing Ad-Aware, uTorrent and Tversity stopped working.

With uTorrent, I get the yellow exclamation point saying "No incoming connections," and I can't download. With Tversity, it disconnects as soon as I connect to the network, and I can't keep a stable connection between my computer and 360.

I've tried resetting the router, turning off my firewall, and uninstalling and reinstalling both programs, but nothing has worked.

Any thoughts?

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