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Speed Drops down to 0 problem


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I've been downloading and uploading torrents for a couple of months now, and today the torrent just drops all speed to 0, upload and download.

Torrent was perfectly fine, was dling at some good speeds and enjoying life, and all of a sudden this happens....

Is it most likely because of my ISP?

I have SBC AT&T 1.5M DSL plan and from googling, not much I can find about people getting blocked more than that shitty Comcast ISP.

Should i try reinstalling uTorrent? Get new ports, encrypt, etc?

I really have no idea and would appreciate some help

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I was fine with my Upload max setting it around 50 kB.

Before this issue, my upload max was working normally.

Right now im testing something with 8000 seeds and 10000 leechers, and i'm only downloading from 2 peers, with speed of 0....

Tracker status are working find, no hash fails or anything, i really cant find out the problem......

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