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Upload speed always too high.


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I have a 40GB limit, and I'm worried seeing as my family have 3 computers that all play online games and download etc. It seems my download speed is always pretty low, compared to my upload speed which is always very high.

Here are my settings :


I have a 6099 kbps download speed and 728 kbps upload speed. My ports are all open, and I have a green symbol.

My download speed varies a lot from about 5KB/s-50KB/s and my upload speed is always in the 50's-60's.


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Can you try connecting your computer directly to the modem? See if that downloads any faster.

If not, then try forcing Protocol Encryption in µTorrent's settings, disabling Allow incoming legacy connections, disabling DHT, and changing µTorrent's port (then restarting it).

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