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Upload crashes with many peers connected!


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If I am seeding many things, at the same time, and lots of peers/IPs connected,

the upload-rate crashes. It goes from about 11MB/s, to like 500Kb/s if there's

many peers connected. If I then pause a torrent with like 50 peers on, the upload

returns to maximum.

Iam on a 100/100 Mbit

Utorrent ver: 1.8.1, build: 12639


Off: DHT, Local peer discovery, peer exchange, limit peer bandwidth.

Procotol encryption: Forced - [X] Allow incomming...

Number of connections: 1000 in all (to ensure that's not the problem).

Iam only using closed trackers, and are of cause connectable.

Anyone have a guess, to solve this? :)

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Turn back on peer exchange -- it reuses existing peer/seed connections instead of making more connections like LPD, DHT, and Resolve IPs does.

Turn off Resolve IPs (right-click in the PEERS window of an active torrent for the menu) -- that removes the flag info for peers/seeds, but should be easier on your networking hardware+software.

Try setting global max connections to only 200...or even as low as 100.

...And per-torrent max connections to as little as 10 if you're only seeding or 50 if downloading.

Really a shame you can't set seeding-only torrents max connections to only 10 and allow 50 or more for downloading torrents. :(

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@ Firon

Yes, I understand that. : |

@ Switeck

It's a leased server, so I have no influenze on the network gear..quite a shame, tbh.

I tried set the settings you wrote, and it might helped a bit. Still the problem occours.

Anyhow, you don't have any more tricks? Would something like 2 x NIC's help?

What about TCP Load Balancing? Would that give a kick?

Thanks in advance :)

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