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Torrent stopped b/c of "Missing files"... not really missing though...


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I have been seeding a particular torrent for months now, and I saw today it stopped itself automatically and said that some of the files were missing, please re-check. So I actually checked in windows explorer and the files are still there. Then I did a re-check in utorrent and 1 complete file and 1 piece of two others appears missing according to utorrent (ie. are red in the Files list for the torrent) BUT yet I can Open that red, apparently non-existent file by double clicking in utorrent itself and it plays just fine...

So I removed the torrent and re-added it, sourcing it to the directory where the files are, and it loads and checks right up to 91.7% and then stops and queues to download it... even though the files are still there and sill functioning, and execute on a double-click in utorrent itself... HELP?



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I'm not sure I know what you mean by re-tag... anywhere I can check out recent modifications (I know that's not really a utorrent specific ?, lol) and figure it out/reverse? And would it do it to only 3/16 files in a folder?

Thanks by the way for your attention to my issue :)

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