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New here and could use some help


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Hi there, I am new to this forum and could use some assistance.

I am running Vista 32 bit, Utorrent 1.8.1 and have Norton Antivirus 2008. Dlink router wbr310 and I connect directly to the router, not wireless. Not sure what other info you need...

When utorrent is running, I have either a yellow or red flag, once in a while it goes green, but seldom. This did not happen before I had to have my laptop fixed because of a harddrive issue. I got the laptop back, reinstalled everything and now this is going on. I know for certain that the port (6881) is open and forwarded properly, if I shut norton auto protect down, it doesn't change anything. Same thing applies to windows defender, whether I have it enabled or disabled, no difference. Upload speed is almost nil and downloads are a sad speed. When the signal turns green, download speeds fly, then it changes colour again. I have gone through Norton and windows defender one at a time and tried to troubleshoot to see if there is any change when I change this setting or that setting...no luck.

I never had this problem with the older version of utorr that was on the laptop prior to having the warranty work done.

Can anyone offer suggestions? I am at my wits end...


I am still hoping for some help, today I found that even with a red flag on utorrent while at work...I still downloaded and connected to more peers than here at home!

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