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Downloading Problem! Don't know What To Do!


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Ok so i open up utorrent head to my site I use click any random torrent to download to check if it works

I have a torrent programme by Adobe called Opera I think so I changed it to open with Utorrent and it wont open

I know its only the Beta but does anyone know any way of sorting this like how to set my Utorrent as Default Application or anything?

Much appreciated

Thanks in advance Jake.

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In Opera, visit opera:config#BitTorrent|Enable

This would be setting to disable. You may also need to unassociate .torrent files with Opera in Opera's Preferences > Advanced > Downloads -- uncheck "Hide file types opened with Opera," search for torrent, edit the properties so it's no longer set to "Open with Opera."

Then in µTorrent, Preferences > General > Associate with .torrent files

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