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Where is the boss key?


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I can read FAQ and did it twice, thanks. It's written there http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php?client=utorrent180B):


Does µTorrent have a boss key?

Yes, it does as of 1.3.1 beta build 374. The boss key is a function that hides and unhides the client window and the system tray icon when you press the hotkey.


So if I have 1.8 beta I expect this funcionality here if it was introduced in 1.3.1 beta. It's confusing...

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Version - I specified above - 1.8 beta, build 9363 claims as a "latest", don't want to update (bug).

Now I download manualy and replaced by 1.8.1 Stable (build 12639) - the build you recomended me. Still cannot find where the OTHER and boss key definition is!

If I go to Preferences here is:


UI Settings







Web UI

Advanced (UI Extras, Disk Cache)

Where is OTHER? Where can I specify BOSS KEY?

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