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Running two bittorrent clients on the same machine?


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I'm getting fed up with the instability of Azureus (I've even made a small program that kills it and restarts it every two hours, because it usually locks up in less time than that), and plan to switch to uTorrent. The problem is that I have a bunch of slow torrents going, that has been going for at least half a year and will probably go 6-12 months more before they finish, which makes it awkward to just drop Azureus. I always have some slow torrents, so just waiting is not a solution.

So, can I run both clients on the same machine, adding new torrents in uTorrent and eventually drop Azureus as the torrents downloading on it finish?

I tried running both, but uTorrent would not even start. I suspect that's due to a port clash, but what settings might fix the problem? Could I just stick another network card in the machine and lock the clients to different IPs?

Or do I have to resort to adding new machines?

Or, am I so lucky that uTorrent can somehow import the torrents from Azureus?

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