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hi im new here,

about two weeks ago i had a green light and download speed of over 1.5mb/s but now affter i had to alter nmy router password cos some idot was piggy-baccking it, i started to get download speeds of 25 kb//s, i carn't see how this is ghapping my intrnet is virgin uk's 2megabit package and my intrent gets from my router to my pc by a wire, please help me, i tried EVERTHING and i mean EVERTHING

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First, verify your numbers... 10 mb/s is impossible if you only have a 2 megabit download.

Your upload is probably far worse.

1st and 2nd links in my signature next.

Try disabling Resolve IPs (right-click in Peers window of an active torrent).

Lastly, set encryption in uTorrent to Enabled or FORCED outgoing, if it's not already.

Test incoming legacy connections both enabled and disabled. Reset your modem, router, and computer between tests if you want anything close to scientific accuracy.

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