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The need to redefine "complete"


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There should be an option that defines "completed" as either: (a) a torrent which downloaded completely or (B) a torrent which downloaded completely and has seeded to a set mark (i.e. 1.0 ratio).

Currently utorrent defines complete as 100% downloaded, then it continues seeding, and moves the completed files to a specified folder that I've chosen. If I chose to select complete to be 100% download and 1.0 ratio upload then the torrent will not show up in the completed folder until both prerequisites are complete. This allows me as the end-user to see which files are really completely available to do what I want with them without running into the windows alert: "that another program is using the specified file."

I have a hard time writing this down so if anyone does not understand or find that it has already been implement, please excuse this post and leave a request to better explain.

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I agree with this. Torrents should be marked as completed when they have fulfilled the ratio goals. The problem about it is when you are unable to seed it to the goal you set. Due to the lack of peers or a torrent-removal on the tracker-side.

That's true. I didn't consider what if the torrent never ends seeding. This could be a problem if, and only if, utorrent does not set a timeout. The timeout option, however is available already in the Seeding Priority section and the option is after "or the seeding time is: ".

This, of course, is not the best option due to going from 1 hr of down plus 5 hours of wait. This compromises the luxury of BitTorrent. One could say, however, that because uTorrent will wait, by default (eventhough customizable), to wait for seed to reach 1.0 before the user can see the torrent is really "complete" that the availability of the torrent will increase.

Again no guarantees but I believe this option should be given to the encouraged. I believe it will help the community. Keep on critiquing :)

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(From a thread I started before discovering this thread.)

Now that we have .ut! (or whatever it is) for incomplete files...

At my house, we use one computer for all downloading needs. Using watched folders, this has proven successful. The problem arises when someone moves something from the "finished" folder before my seed ratio reaches (whatever I have it set at, currently 1.5.) I want one of two options. Either a folder for things I'm seeding, or the option to not move files from the working directory to the finished directory until it is done seeding it.

Hopfully, this makes sense.


\in (watched folder)

\temp (working directory, lots of ".ut!" files in this directory.)

\finished (this would be for files ready to be moved off the server onto local computers.)

\seeding (new folder for torrents which are still being uploaded.)

+1 for this idea I guess.

As for the problem of never reaching the goal, just give us two new pop-up menu options.

"Define Torrent as Completed"

and "Define Torrent as Completed and remove torrent."

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this is very similar to the idea of having a 'move files upon deletion' or a 'remove and -> move files' option

when you look at your finished torrents, you can just delete them and the files will get moved to your finished folder

slightly different approach, but the heart is the same, some way to separate out files that you are truly done with

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To move it to a "Finished" folder. Better said, I'm asking for a new folder for what are now "completed" torrents to be stored in. Something like "Seeding."

As it is now, torrents in my "finished" folder may or may not be seeding. If they are, obviously the files can't be moved off the server. If they aren't, then there is no conflict to move them from the finished folder.

I hope this makes sense. If you don't have several users using one computer for all downloading needs, it doesn't make sense; if, however, you do, then it would be very helpful.

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