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can't get started


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Hi, I am one of those beginners completely baffled by the manual. Apologies. When I try to install mutorrent, I get a window labeled mutorrent 1.8.1 in which two error messages appear (in the lower half). Having tried to figure out the manual, I have looked for a green light, red light, any light but can't figure out where I would find it. I've clicked on each of the tabs in the lower part of the window (General, Trackers, Peers, etc.) but don't see anything that would help me.

[2008-12-07 22:47:25] TCP port bind failed (10022) An invalid argument was supplied.

[2008-12-07 22:47:25] UDP port bind failed (10022) An invalid argument was supplied.

I am running Windows XP.

Anything you can advise, preferably in words of one syllable, will be much appreciated. Many thanks, Di

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