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Right mouse button menu affects slected item, not clicked item


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1. Add 2 inactive torrents

2. Select first torrent

3. Rightclick second torrent and select Start

4. First torrent becomes active

Expected behaviour:

4. Second torrent becomes active

The same thing goes for assigning priorities to files in the Files info tab.

Observed in

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@overlordprime: This option already exists. Preferences -> General. Check "Before removing active transfers".

For everyone else: This is a problem with default behaviors in NSTableViews in OS X. It can be worked around and likely will in the future. Probably not the highest thing on Bittorrent's priority list though. And like I seem to have a habit of saying: I'm not an employee of Bittorrent. Only speculation on my part.

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I have just accidentally deleted a torrent that was mostly complete. In case anyone else does this, it is possible to recover the download.

Just open the torrent again and let uTorrent start downloading the files so that it sets up the correct folder structure. Then stop the download, recover the partially downloaded files from the trash and add them to the newly created download folder, replacing the newly created files. Make sure to delete the uTorrent temporary file if there is one, then force recheck the torrent in uTorrent. It should be back to the way it was before deleting the torrent.

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