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Strange Problem... Utorrent stops downloading at all!


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So before a few days ago (when I had to return my PC to store-bought condition because of a glitch), Utorrent always worked fine. After I restored my laptop however, it has ceased to be able to download anything at all. I'm not doing anything differently. I made sure to have my settings all figured out the same as before. Only one time did everything start normally and download normally, but that stopped after about an hour and has not come back.

Seeds - 0(0)

Peers - 0(0)

Availability - 0

DHT: Waiting to login or at 0 nodes

It's the same for all of them. I even tried OpenOffice with no results. It's definitely not the trackers since all the files I'm downloading are heavy with seeders and trackers. I've tried reinstalling it even with different versions. Nothing seems to work. Everything else on the computer is the same as always, I just can't figure out what is going on.

Any suggestions or help would be SO GREATLY appreciated!


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Either firewall blocks it, but I think your router cant handle many connections, (or you have problem with internet before starting utorrent)..

Either way how many max active torrents you have, global connections, torrent connections? Your upload speed?

revert to default (better to use speed guide too), (*optional turnoff the router for 15mins) and check again

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It says that there are no incoming connections. There is a firewall exception. The routers have always worked in the past.

Under Tracker Status:

DHT - working

Local Peer Discovery - working

Peer Exchange - working

All tracker statuses - Proxy error: connection refused.

I've used the recommended settings (speed guide too). Still does not work.

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